Symbiosis Student Information System

Manually managing student’s data sometimes become a tiresome and a vexing task for the educators and administrators. But, with the evolving technology in the education industry, all operations can be easily streamlined, which eventually improve student’s productivity, efficiency & results. With the Student Information System, institutes can manage an enormous amount of students’ data at a single place and it enhances the data security in the most cost-effective way. Features such as admission numbers, attendance records, exam performance tracking, guardian details, assignment management, and much more can be seamlessly managed by administrators. Student Information Management System not only reduces the workload of staff members but also ensures that institutes have full control over their data. Also, assist faculties in monitoring the performance of the student’s schooling and make data-driven decisions to improve their academic growth.

Components of Symbiosis Student Information System(SIS)

Here, we have listed out basic components of our SIS system as follows:

Online Admission
Students can apply online with a customized form and upload the common application. Administrators can then access an applicant profile, to get a complete picture of a student. The request can be approved by the concerned body and replies all the admission-related queries of students who may want to apply. During approval the system can Track detailed applicant information from the request. Similarly, during the admission approval/rejection the system have a feature for sending admission letters or regret letters to the prospective students. Students can also follow up the admission progress. The online admission can be applied to all academic programs and all admission classifications and it can be implemented based on the admission procedures of the University.
Student self-Registration
students can register for normal courses by themselves while they are at their home. This temporary registration should be verified physically inside the campus using Fingerprint or barcode technologies. The remaining elective courses and add /drop course can be entertained by the add/drop module.
Course and Curriculum Management
In the system all courses and curriculums needs to be registered, so that the students can be registered and assigned to a specific program and curriculum. The registered courses in the curriculum will be available to the students in that curriculum. Students who take all the courses in their curriculum will be eligible for graduation.
Students can choose among the available streams in order for placement for fresh, focus-area and pre-engineering placements. They can also view their placement, submit complains/special considerations, if any, and view the feedback by using the same module.
Add and Drop Request and Management
Students can request for course add and drop. The students do not need to go to their advisors to add and drop courses. The requested add/drop course can be approved by their respective advisor/department head. Finally, the confirmation message can be send to the respective student. The available courses for add/drop can be those course that the student is deficient with and other elective courses. Regarding elective courses, the respective academic unit can make the selected elective courses eligible for the prospective semester and this can be done by the auto-course offering/placement module which is going to be performed by the academic units.
Withdrawal application
The system allows students to send withdrawal application to the respective academic unit with the appropriate attachments and academic calendar. The academic unit can review the application and approve/reject the withdrawal request. The appropriate withdrawal completion report and notification can be prepared and send to the respective student and academic units.
Online readmission request
The system allows students who complete their withdrawal to request for readmission from where they are. The request for readmission can be then accepted or rejected by the concerned body and the decision can be notified as well as the appropriate report can be generated by the system for further processing of the same.
Student transfer-in and transfer-out management
Students who wants to transfer from Aksum University to the other University (transfer-out) and those who want to transfer to Aksum University from other universities (transfer-in) can request for transfer by filling the required fields and uploading all the necessary documents. All the transfer requests can be checked and approved by the concerned body according to the internal working procedure and the decision can be notified to the applicant. If the transfer-in request of applicant is accepted by the concerned body the student can be entertained by the admission module of this system.
Grade Remarking Request and Management
The system allows students to view their assessment and request for assessment and/or grade remarking so that the respective teacher/academic unit head can review and respond to the same
Grade Remarking Request and Management
Students can request cost-sharing services through online with the academic calendar of the University. The concerned body can view and manage students.
Student Attendance Management
Complete record of students’ attendance and leave details is stored in the system. The report option in the system informs the institution management about the irregularities in the attendance or leave details for further action. With the ability to track attendance, performance and participation, academic units and administrators can monitor trends and catch at-risk students early on.
Student drop-out management
The system manages the students drop-out. Students who leaves the University illegally without permission can be tracked by the system. the system can check the student’s attendance and status periodically to check whether the student is actively attending the class or drop-out and it sets the status of the student accordingly.
Students network/group formation
In the system the student network formation can be done by the system. The system can formulate students network automatically based on the requirement set by the University. The network formation can be updated any time by the concerned academic unit. The classification for the group members in the network can be done by the grade level of the members and taking care of the affirmative actions as well.
Auto-Course Offering and Load Management
The system can retrieve all the courses which can be delivered on the particular year/semester, and also selected elective course which are being ready by the respective academic unit head and can offer to all of the active and on duty instructor based on the detailed criteria’s set before by the concerned body, preference of the Instructors, specialization area, history of teaching and load condition, which can be managed by the below Load Management module. The offering can be done automatically as soon as the calendar for the course offering is attained. The common courses can be also handled in the same way. If there is a demand the system can also allow special interventions to change the instructors manually by the specific academic units
Course Specialization
The system manages the loads/credit hours assigned to the instructors. This module enables the respective body to encode the appointments of office holder and project coordinators which have the privilege for load exemption as per in the University’s legislation. If an instructor is offered courses more than the limited load During the course offering by the academic units, then the offering needs a further approval by the upper privileged body. Since the major problem in course offering is making the load balance among the staffs in the department, making the load balance using the system solves this problem. This brings the load benefit gap between staffs in the department.
Student Placement Management
This module is responsible to place students to the respective stream curriculum based on their CGPA, University entrance exam result, preferences of the students, which can be done online by themselves, and/or capacity (quota) set by the department. The affirmative actions for females, disadvantaged groups, region can also be considered for the placement. The placement supports more than one criteria and can also be adjusted for each stream, Department, College, Semester or can be set at for all at University level based on the settings of the respective administrator. After the placement is made by the department heads then the students can view in which stream that they are assigned.
Alumni Management
The system connects graduates with the University in order to improve interactions through the system and email to accomplish tasks every day and access alumni data from anywhere, anytime. This can Build a strong and interactive alumni community by creating a directory of member graduates, academic units, staffs and at large it can also be used as a platform for communication among the alumni themselves.
Student certificates’ request management
With immediate access to updated academic performance reports, alumni’s can be informed the progress and administrators can smoothly manage student certificate requests. In the system students can request for their official transcripts, original certificates, language proficiency, etc.  using online. Once their request is approved and processed, the student can take the transcript/original certificate in person or by other alternatives set forth by the RAD
Alumni forum/message board
Communicate with all the fellow students and staffs, discuss topics related to the community, events, current affairs, and campaigns on forums and message boards with email alerts.
Social collaboration management
The system supports a social collaboration so that students can communicate each other using the system. Students can post their ideas, can chat with the member of the University. Through discussion boards and chats, students can interact with everyone online and also clear their doubts. The system enables an instructor to communicate with their students while teaching their course. This also Promotes student-faculty interaction and familiarity. This increase student satisfaction with the collaboration and learning experience.
Dashboard and statistical report
A dashboard is added for students and academic units in the system to allow the users to view all the necessary links in one page so that it is easy to navigate across the system. this makes the users to view and understand the system at glance and do what they want in very efficient matter. Different statistical reports are added to all of the fore-mentioned modules. In addition to the this the system also has different ad-hoc and statistical reports are added to all of the fore-mentioned modules for students, staffs, academic units.
The E-learning feature is used for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation, and delivery of educational courses, training programs, materials or learning and development programs. our system is integrated with moodle learning management system.